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Connect protect and enhance your IT Network

eXact Solutions is a leading IT Support and Services company helping businesses benefit from utilizing the Cloud. By recognizing your requirements, we get the right balance between the security of Private Cloud, the accessibility of the Public Cloud and traditional IT infrastructure. We have a dedicated team of qualified engineers to design, implement and support your chosen strategy.


Pandemic Update – Remote Working 


The transformative power of virtual courts is just one of the many fast-changing aspects that we are experiencing now. From the start of the pandemic, our inherent infrastructure has allowed us to expand rapidly and securely into remote working from home, remote access to the office and remote access to the courts; all the while still maintaining a high level of collaboration. No VPN. No Remote Desktop. Just real-time secure access to all resources. 

Working from Home 

The return to the office is going to be a long, drawn out process. Working from home is here to stay. At eXact Solutions we were already in a strong position before the pandemic. We had designed our networks so that the users could access external services whether in the office or working externally without the traditional methods of VPN or remote desktop. Enhanced mobile device management (MDM) both protects the user device and provides useful audit information for compliance purposes. 

Access to the Courts 

From Day 1 of the pandemic access to the courts and other institutions has been of paramount importance. eXact solutions have worked closely with Video Conference engineers to develop the Video Workspace universal codec. This allows a room system to join a court hearing irrespective of the service being used. 


Cloud based collaboration is changing the face of the legal marketplace. Whether you need a file sharing solution, a virtual data room, or a corporate intranet, we help organisations set up cloud-based technology to collaborate with clients and internal users alike. We ensure that our clients move from traditional methods of communicating to online collaboration in a smooth transition. 

Unified Messaging 

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for organisations to keep up with the growing demands of modern business and maintain a competitive advantage. At eXact Solutions we set up Unified Communications systems using the very latest communication and collaboration tools, enabling your organisation to be up to date in the digital communications age. 




Pandemic Update – New Solutions


From Day 1 of the initial Pandemic, we used our experience and our agility to act quickly to provide services and products required for the new remote working world; products that will benefit chambers, members, and staff alike. 

Video Workspace Universal Codec 

Although Zoom and similar products worked well on an individual basis, the existing room systems couldn’t cope particularly well with the new breed of VC services such as Zoom or WebEx. We analysed requirements, engaged specialist VC engineers and we developed the Video Workspace Universal Codec. This is a high quality  VC room system capable of utilising all the familiar VC services. There are three models in the range – Huddle Room, Large Conference and a Mobile unit. A more detailed description of the units is available on our Audio Visual page.


Business Wide Intranet 

With dispersal of the users to their homes keeping everyone up to date with the latest information has been difficult to manage efficiently. In order to keep all the users well-informed of the latest developments – we have developed a secure Intranet specifically for our Chambers clients. The Intranet has not only been a secure source of information, but also of great assistance in controlling downloadable applications, when setting up users remotely.


Unified Endpoint Management 

With all users working from home - we have strengthened our Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) applications to ensure that the myriad of devices remain compliant and totally secure. ‘Containerisation’ within the UEM allows a tightly secure core of applications to be set up and maintained, out of the reach of family members.


Electronic Bundling 

Another outcome of the Pandemic and the dispersal of users is the problem of digitisation of documents so that they can be ‘moved’ around the system easily and quickly. Our Electronic Bundling system allows the user to import all documents relating to a case and organise them in the correct sequence. Tools are provided to insert comments, highlight important points and to set up convenient links. When complete the system allows the case file to be paginated ready to be presented as a court bundle. The system works locally so that you don’t have to worry about having a good Internet connection while compiling the bundle but when ready the bundle can be replicated to the secure document cloud drive for safe sharing with the court, with clients or with case colleagues.