Communications – more than just a Phone System

How far do you want your practice to go? In today’s economy, the practice that consistently delivers greater customer service, whenever and wherever the customer wants it, is the practice that succeeds. As a small or mid-size practice, you have to satisfy those customer needs more and more.

Your practice has unique circumstances that must be addressed by any communications solution you choose – and you need a solution that gives you all of today’s technology at an affordable price. One that is designed for current and future needs – a solution that is an open door to tomorrow’s possibilities.

At eXact Solutions we have been advising the legal profession for several years as to the most effective communication solutions.

Using your phone and workstation together to your advantage

We help you choose the solution that is right for your practice. Whether it is a voice solution using more traditional telephony, or a system employing IP technology, or a combination of both, we will ensure that you can benefit from a comprehensive set of telephony features.

We look at the all-in-one systems that you can use as a converged solution delivering both your voice and data requirements. We will ensure that the solution provides networking capability so that you can deploy the solution that’s right for your practice across a number of locations with one central management point.

Be more effective

We look at the functions that can help your practice be more effective in the office. We determine how sophisticated applications such as integrated messaging, voice mail and auto attendant can help your staff to manage the calls and messages more efficiently. Support for remote working becomes an integral part of the strategy ensuring that home and mobile workers can work as effectively remotely as they could from an office location.

The Scope of the Project

  • Central switch requirements – trunk lines and extensions
  • Handsets and desktop devices
  • PC based phone management systems
  • PC based operator consoles
  • Conferencing facilities
  • Integrated messaging with your email system
  • Voicemail management
  • Auto-attendant systems
  • Open interfaces with your databases and Microsoft products
  • Voice over IP (VOIP) technology
  • Remote working
  • Management of call costs
  • Failover and resilience

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Call us today on 0203 693 0140 to book your free IT consultation

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