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From the design of Local Area and Wide Area Networks, and the convergence of voice & data, eXact Solutions brings an unrivalled level of skill and care in providing professional cost effective solutions for both large and small organizations within the legal profession.

We take time in understanding the Client’s business and their requirements, in order to deliver solutions that both work and enhance the technological needs. This is always seen as an evolving model, with continuous re-evaluation undertaken to precisely match the Client’s development.

Delivering first class technical solutions is only part of the story, as without proper support, the Client cannot have confidence in the event of difficulties. eXact Solutions ensures that the Client can obtain effective support wherever and whenever it is required.

Developing the Strategy

The Consultant will carry out an initial survey with the Practice Manager into all issues relevant to choosing and implementing a new Information Technology Strategy. He will produce an outline cost document, with an estimate as to the work necessary for the Consultant to complete the job.

The Consultant will carry out a survey involving all key designated personnel in order to determine their requirements and their priorities. All requirements will be analysed and consolidated into an integrated system strategy.

The Consultant will discuss, prepare and agree a medium and short term IT strategy to fit within the budgetary constraints. This will include an assessment of how existing installed systems can be upgraded to meet new requirements outlining possible alternatives.

Implementing the Plan

The Consultant will monitor the implementation of the new system and project manage the complete installation. Based on a project timetable the Consultant will define and supervise the user acceptance of each component part and of the system in total.

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Call us today on 0203 693 0140 to book your free IT consultation

eXact Solutions is an independent IT support company that provide IT solutions to meet all of your needs.