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With the World moving on we are changing the workplace to provide the services required by your users. Our Video Workspace technology is easy to deploy, easy to use and easy to manage These Video Workspace room systems incorporate a unique Universal Codec that allows simple access to all the favourable services including Skype, Teams, WebEx and Zoom.


Video Workspace Universal Codec™


Video Workspace Universal Codec™

The Video Workspace room systems are centred around a unique Universal Codec™ that allows access to all the popular services including Skype, Zoom, Starleaf, WebEx and Teams. Simple to operate, it does not require technical assistance.

Video Workspace Huddle Room



A fully comprehensive conference camera with an ultra-wide lens for small rooms. This is both user friendly and professional.


Harmonising different voice levels and suppressing background noise so that conversations and meetings feel more natural, is achieved through the use of cutting-edge technology. Front-of-room alignment of voice and video accentuates this refined audibility. 


With this feature, the system automatically adjusts camera position and zoom to find and frame people in the room. The video conference image frames everyone consistently in the conversation leading to a more comfortable and collaborative experience.

Video Workspace Large Room



Audibility is crucial to a successful video conference meeting. Crispness and clarity can be achieved by filtering background noise, auto levelling voices and focusing on active speakers. Employing the use of mic pods and standalone speakers ensures optimum sound.


Using an Ultra-HD imaging system, the Video Workspace system delivers brilliantly sharp video with exceptional picture quality and remarkable optical accuracy up to 4K. Moreover, the system optimises light balance and skin tones irrespective of the environment.


Large meetings are elevated through a combination of​

  • Greater Audio with enhanced vocal clarity

  • Consistency, resulting from perfect auto framing so that the distance away from the lens appears consistent.
  • Enhanced optics filter faces over the environment to render natural looking skin tones.


Video Workplace Mobile Unit


Video Workplace Mobile Unit

The specially adapted trolley ensures that excess cabling is hidden resulting in a clean and tidy appearance for your conference room. The wheeled unit can be moved to any required location including huddle rooms, boardroom and seminar rooms.